Bill and Cathi LundWhat our clients are saying about The Lund Group …

  • “They have excellent sales skills. They are professionals who know the surrounding area & current trends. Their staff works as a team throughout the sales process. You could contact Cathi or Bill and get prompt answers. They provide frank, honest advice and leave the final decisions to you. Th e Lunds were reliable! As we were not living in the home, we greatly appreciated Bill’s quick response to the trees falling. They looked after things as promised.” (Mr. & Mrs. R ~ Litchfield)

    • “A big thank you to you and Bill for all the assistance in getting the house ready for listing! I really appreciate it! You two are amazing!” (Chris ~ Lakeside at Ansley)

    • “One of the things that impressed me most about Cathi and Bill was the way they work as a team. They guided me through the process from getting the house on the market at the right time, showing it to the right clientele and all the in’s and out of the game. Selling a home is emotional. Cathi and Bill were there when I needed them, even if it was just to listen to my fears and doubts about selling. I would recommend the Lund Group hands down over any of their competitors.” (Victoria ~ Lakeside at Ansley)

    • “The Lunds are very professional, with great attention to detail and honesty. They have excellent sales skills and we would highly recommend them for any real estate transaction. Th eir attention to detail guided us through process and transition from one home to another.” (The Burns ~ Garrison Farms)

    • “We loved the great results! Thank you both for a great job!” (Keith & Nancy ~ Garrison Farms)

  • “We give the Lunds a 10 out of 10! We chose them due to their sales record in our neighborhood and in our area. They were very thorough and did a great job for us!” (Jim & Judy ~ Brookfield)

    • “The Lunds’ expertise made a big impression on us. They were knowledgeable with great communication. Our experience could not have been better!” (Susan & Ian ~ Brookfield)

  • “The Lunds were true professionals who brought complete honesty to our transaction. The experience couldn’t have been any better!” (Pam ~ Cambridge)

    • “Cathi & Bill knew the neighborhood we were targeting. They had energy, enthusiasm, and patience. Great references for contractors, too! We were referred to The Lund Group through the UPS relocation department. They made our transition smooth!” (Mr. P ~ Brookfield)

    • “The Lunds made an impression with their willingness to help with all problems – Bill was present when projects were addressed. The Lund’s are pleasant and effective! They know Brookfield! The Lund Group has sold a lot of homes in this community. You are always eager to help. (Lorrie ~ Brookfield)

We can gladly send you additional references … 

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