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Hardwood flooring enhances the look of any room and creates a classic ambiance. Real estate agents agree that those homes hold their value better, sell faster and attract higher prices. Hardwood floors are always a draw. They impart warmth, depth and richness that can’t be matched by carpeting, tile or laminate flooring.
The American Hardwood Information Center cites a national survey of real estate agents in which 99% of respondents agreed that restoring hardwood flooring in the home is one of the best long-term investments one can make. And 90% said these homes sell for more money. Though wood floors will probably need to be refinished at some point, when properly taken care of they are much easier to maintain than other floor surfaces.

In our Atlanta area, the dark hardwood floors have become very popular and are featured in new homes. Many people who purchased their homes as recently as 10 years ago are finding that the golden oak floors, popular at the time, are no longer desirable for many buyers. When a homeowner invests in refinishing their hardwood flooring, it makes the home stand out and greatly increases the appeal for today’s buyers. It is money well spent and can make the home sell over the competition.