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assorted_toolsA stressful part of putting your home on the market is determining what to fix and upgrade to get the very best price possible. Rely on The Lund Group to recommend which projects to consider and which to avoid. Putting money into renovation doesn’t always mean you will recoup the money in a sale.

We can refer you to qualified contractors who consistently do excellent work for us and for our clients.

You may want to consult Remodeling’s website for their most recent Cost vs. Value Report for a breakdown of typical returns on renovation projects large and small in various regions throughout the country. You can download a report specifically for the Atlanta area or for most other parts of the country.

While your needs and budget will have a big impact on your choice of home-improvement projects, it helps to know the cost vs. return ratio when making the final decisions.

And it also helps to call us! Email or check in with Cathi at 770-993-9572.