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Our interest rates remain historically low, and mortgages have become easier to obtain as lenders have loosened requirements.  It is unlikely we will see them this low again.  Inventory, especially in some price points, remains very low.  We advise our sellers how to prepare their homes.  The homes which are pristine and priced properly are getting offers during the first week, and often we are even generating competing offers!  There seems to be a lot of urgency on the part of the buyers, with “fear of loss” working as a strong factor.

We have placed five homes under contract in the past two weeks in this immediate   area, the northern suburbs of Atlanta!  The real estate market is definitely not slow right now!  And, with the inventory being low, it is a great time to be selling a home for top dollar. It’s all a factor of supply and demand, and the supply is working in a seller’s favor!

Baby Boomers and Millenials

We are seeing many baby boomers who are finally ready to downsize.  Many other buyers are moving up into those homes that the “boomers” are selling.  Also, the Millenials, otherwise known as Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 1995) are beginning to see home ownership as making a lot of sense for the long term.  Millenials are perfectly happy with smaller spaces.  More important to them is the trend toward walkability to shops and restaurants. Hence, the reason that Historic Roswell has become such a hot commodity.


We are also seeing many people moving in from other areas to be close to children and grandchildren.  It’s a sign of the times!

If you have any inclination to sell, please give us a call for an evaluation of your property.  I can tell you what to do to prepare it in order to get top dollar.  I’ll be able to tell you, approximately, what it will realistically sell for, generally how long it will take, and just what we are doing to get all these homes sold! From there, you can decide what works best for you. 

Sound good?  If so, call me today! 

(Credit for photo: http://401kcalculator.org)