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Roswell-City-WalkHave you driven by the former Frazier Street Apartment complex? It is being transformed into a high-end luxury apartment community about 600 feet from Canton Street.

The scope of this project was to tear down a much-dilapidated apartment community and replace it with a modern, in-town-style grouping of city blocks. It includes several 3- and 4-story buildings that will host 320 living units. Rent will be between $1,000-$3,000 a month for 1- and 2-bedroom apartments that will have high-end finishes and detail. It’s bound to be a successful project being so close to Canton Street and next door to several new, and successful restaurants. Chris Cassidy of the national developer Lennar said they plan to be close to full occupancy when they open next June.

While the project itself is impressive in design, its impact on the Hwy 9 corridor will be significant. In the future, folks might look back on this project as the domino that spurred redevelopment up and down the 1.3-mile stretch from Holcomb Bridge to Norcross Street.

When it opens it will instantly add more than 450 residents to the area that will be looking for that in-town vibe. Cassidy predicts a mix of young professionals and empty nesters.

Canton Street is already one of the hottest destinations for dining in the Atlanta area. This major redevelopment will be a major factor in further revitalization.

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