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New constructiionThe demand for new construction is high, and builders are rushing to accommodate the buying public.  You may have noticed new home subdivisions popping up virtually everywhere. This is especially true in the cities north of Atlanta … Roswell, Alpharetta, and Milton.

The new construction makes it important for us to price resale homes more competitively in order to get them sold.  They must be in pristine condition so they can compete.  Once priced right and pristine, and marketed aggressively (of course) they will sell.  For a buyer, there are many advantages to purchasing an existing home, however, the lure of “new” has once again become a big factor in today’s real estate market.

How can a seasoned agent help?
A seasoned agent can add a lot of value to the process of purchasing a newly built home.  Many buyers think they will get a better price if they go directly through the builder, yet, that is not the case.  Since most new home sales are generated by cooperating brokers who are working with a buyer, the selling broker commission is built into the pricing and is not discounted when there is no buyer’s agent.  There are thousands of real estate agents and few builder representatives, so the sheer numbers dictate that most homes are sold by cooperating agents.  For that reason, builders want agents to work with them, and they even offer incentive programs to both buyers and to their agents.  Most people don’t realize that.   New home agents welcome the buyer representatives with open arms!

Another advantage
Another advantage of working with an experienced agent on new construction is that we know what the builders will typically negotiate, how their contracts work, what stipulations might need to be added to their contracts, and how inspections work.  We know just what you can and can’t do, since we have worked with so many builders for so many years.  We also hold the builders accountable … it is no longer the builder and you.  They must also be accountable to us, and a great relationship with us creates future business for them.  If you are considering a new home purchase, we can help in many ways, so be sure to give us a call.  We also have a lot of experience in knowing which builders have the best reputations.

At The Lund Group, we are happy to help our past clients, our friends and our neighbors in any way that we can!  Call us any time at 770-993-9572 for your real estate questions or needs.