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Fresh paint will bring a home up to "selling standard" and help it sell faster.

Fresh paint will bring a home up to “selling standard” and help it sell faster.

Many homeowners make repairs, remodel or renovate. Is there a return when the property sells?

Generally that depends on where and when the dollars have been spent. Some repairs and improvements bring your home up to “selling standards.”  These go a long way in today’s market, giving more of a “new home feel.”

Perhaps in the past bringing a home up to “standard” wouldn’t affect the price.  Today, fresh paint, new carpet, neutralizing, removing or painting over wallpaper, and sometimes even changing out a few dated light fixtures can make all the difference in how long it takes to sell a home and how much it can be sold for.

So, what recent remodeling projects improve or enhance the value of your property?

In Atlanta, a major kitchen remodel might recoup from 60 to 74.9%

In Atlanta, a major kitchen remodel might recoup from 60 to 74.9%

Remodeling Magazine/REALTOR Magazine’s Cost Versus Value Report shows which projects give a greater return at resale on a local basis.

According to the 2013-2014 report, “home improvement projects across the board are giving home owners a greater return on their investment when it comes time to sell.”

Renovated or updated kitchens and baths, new systems and roofs are all improvements that help a property sell over the competing homes.

You can even hone in on your specific part of the country to check on local trends.  For example, the regional  data for Atlanta, GA gives the job cost, resale value, and cost recouped for 35 different projects.

This is a great way to evaluate whether that remodeling job you’re dying to do will also make good sense financially.

We’ll be glad to come out, take a quick look at your home, and tell you where to get the most out of your dollars invested.  Sellers are always asking if they will get the money back that they invest prior to going on the market. They are often uncertain about where to spend their money. We can help you make good decisions! Not only do our sellers get back the money they have spent, the investments help their home sell faster and for more money than the competition. The result is, happy sellers! Call or Email Cathi at The Lund Group …

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