With professional photography even a vacant property can be enticing to an online buyer!

With professional photography even a vacant property can be enticing to an online buyer!

Professional photography is huge in my real estate marketing. The value of great photos cannot be measured! This was the first thought that hit me when I started “pinning” on the social media site Pinterest.

Why Pinterest? It’s the third largest Social Media site and is the fastest growing social media site! When I read that…it was enough to spark my interest. On Pinterest, you create “Boards” which become collections of photographs of things that you like … or things that catch your eye. Your Boards grow as you “re-pin” other Pinterest user’s photos. It’s a very visual process which is quite enjoyable! I see Pinterest not only as an opportunity to showcase special features of the homes I am marketing, but also as a great way to visualize my travel goals and dreams. I have to put the vision out there! After all, how can you get there, if you don’t know where you are going? That’s what a vision is all about!

Doesn't the photograph inspire you to look further?

Doesn’t this photograph inspire you to look further?

The same concept applies to real estate marketing! A great professional photographer has the ability to capture wonderful images … images that will catch a prospective buyers’s attention. I have found that successful online showings lead to physical showings of the property and often to a sale!

Almost all buyers in today’s world are first searching on line when looking for a home. I have one chance to make a first impression and to create excitement. We do that with great photos!

What’s more … I just can’t underestimate the impact of the words I write to describe the homes. The words also need to generate excitement! Enthusiasm sells homes! Great photos and persuasive word descriptions set our homes apart and go a long way in leading towards a sale.

Cathi Lund