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Every year as we get into the holiday season, potential sellers ask us, “Should we wait until January? Is this a bad time to put our home on the market?” Even sellers with homes currently on the market ask if they should give it a rest … until after the holidays.

My answer is always an emphatic “No!” December is a wonderful time to sell a home! By waiting or delaying the process a seller could be, and likely would be, missing valuable opportunities.

First of all … if your home is not listed for sale that potential buyer won’t even know about it! Many buyers have “down time” during the holidays and are seriously shopping on line … even for houses!

Second … fewer buyers are actually looking at homes so there will be fewer showings; however, those people who are looking during the holidays tend to be very serious buyers. If they were not, they would be Christmas or holiday shopping just like the rest of the world! In our business, we often have record sales in the month of December. As many Realtors take a rest, and many sellers, too … there is less inventory for buyers to choose from and more chances for those homes remaining on the market to sell. In years past many of our listings have sold in December!

Third … employees who are transferring from another area tend to look for homes and move during the holidays when the children are off from school. Atlanta has a large corporate relocation market, and many corporate moves are made at this time of the year. Families purchasing in December can be closed and moved in by January!

Last but not least, your home shows beautifully during the holidays with pretty lighting and delicious aromas flowing. Homes are so inviting this time of the year, invoking an emotional reaction from the buyers. They can see themselves in the home, enjoying family and friends! Those emotions cause them to buy!

Unlike many real estate agents, we kick into high gear in December! We love helping families, especially in this market which has become so challenging for so many. We are getting great results for our clients!

Please give me a call (770-993-9572) and I can share with you just how we are getting so many homes sold. Wouldn’t you like your home to be one of them? Or, if you just want to check out what is for sale in the Atlanta area … go to my website at www.CathiLund.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Cathi Lund